On the Chinese-style wrestling

Chinese-style wrestling contest between two bare hands, to fall the other sports for the win. It is China’s most ancient sports. Wrestling the most simple techniques arise from the original community. Primitive man to survive, the hunting process, the people or the conflict between the tribes and tribal in fighting form by hand, in order to achieve food self-defense, resulting in the wrestling action. Normally, the conscious practice and teach such techniques, through constant development, wrestling has become a sport.

Since China has a long history, vast range of wrestling name. Ancient said that wrestling is “corner arrive,” “wrestling,” “Sumo,” “fight wrestle”, “whipped wrestle,” “wrestling” to the recent times is called wrestling.

Chinese-style wrestling techniques originally melee, from kicking, punching, throwing, holding hand fighting evolved. Ren Fang essays Southern people, “Shu Yi Ji,” said the ancient period will Kok Chi tribes arrived, the Yellow Emperor had used such technology and tribal fighting. “Book of Rites that” the military records as the Western Zhou Dynasty to wrestling sport. Recorded in many ancient books in the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, fell stroke two examples.

Wrestling dynasties are training a number of players in the festive ceremony, the wrestling show to emperors for their enjoyment, or to the outside with the angel of performances to protest military.
Qin, Han has been wrestling is also a vast number of people physical self-defense, loved sports. Often held in the square performing game. Han Yuanfeng three years (108 BC) at the wrestling match, three, residents of nearby to watch. A great writer and astronomy and the calendar read wrestling home after performing Zhang Heng, Fu in Beijing, praised the two, said: “Looking back on the Square Pro, Cheng Kok arrived in the wonderful show.” To the Tang and Song Dynasties, wrestling (Sumo) to carry out more widely, held twice a year put up stage performance competition. At that time the race has taken shape, there are conventional rules, referees, the winners also received prizes (in the form of the game, and now Japan sumo same). “Biography of Water Tour” seventy-fourth back, “Yan Qingzhi Prime bashing” chapter, and vividly describes the scenes of wrestling, rules and techniques. At that time the emergence of a group of nationally renowned wrestlers, such as the Tang Dynasty, Mongolian million won, from small in “sumo friends” (wrestling organization), specializing in wrestling activities. When he was fourteen years old “fist agile.” Grow up, skilled, the game always wins, and won several awards. “Wan win” four famous call sign since then, but his real name was forgotten. He was professional wrestling for several years and is ready to teach skills, “Wuling Teenagers, quiet Yanren Xia, Yi-religionists from the hundreds of phase.” Song also the women wrestling.

Wrestling a living by performing artists since ancient times. Before the liberation, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Shenyang and other places are playing tricks Wrestling. The meeting place is where wrestling fans, wrestling it to carry out exchange of technology to improve personal skills played a role. “Chinese Wrestling Techniques” Full Po-chun, one of the comrades of the Beijing site of the old bridge wrestle artists.

Nude wrestling is an ancient elephant pants or wear – pocket crotch (such as Japan, sumo wrestler costumes) for. Main battle strength, physical fight, the game can be beaten and kicked, the use of force to catch the joint approach, often can not resist the other side fell to date, and even bloodshed scenes of some games. Later, the gradual improvement of the rules, technology to flexible, agile direction. Gradually to wear short-sleeved T-shirt clothing, a belt, pants and shoes bud. The other side the ground fell three points – in addition to two feet outside the body parts (including the hand, elbow, knee) is the failure of the ground. Who lost the first fall that negative, and later changed to three wrestle two wins. Competition, regardless of weight class.

Traditional forms of folk wrestling is a certain region by an elderly, highly respected, highly skilled wrestlers come forward organization whose members are mostly relatives of his nephew and the nearby young generation, the use of leisure time to practice wrestling in the land No costs to teach skills. Wrestling will also often have other obligations to veterans for guidance.

Wrestling is both physical contact, direct confrontation, from head to foot, from fingers to toes, so to be involved in activities in the human body in this sport can promote well-balanced development, muscular. Special ability to develop people’s strength, speed, dexterity, flexibility and other physical fitness. Wrestling athletes to have the power, the fast will be easier to fall down the other side, the so-called “Yili Ten will drop.” But only stupid straight edge fragmentation, but also cleverly leveraging force, use of Jin Qiao, the so-called “forty-two stroke jin.” Wrestling is the anaerobic and aerobic metabolism in white sport, a game down and requires very great efforts, thus increasing the cardiovascular system and respiratory function. Wrestling also cultivate people’s courage, determination, perseverance, tenacity, fighting spirit and beauty sentiment.

While wrestling is the sport that people loved, but only for a few old society services, in conditions of the laboring masses not their favorite wrestling.

After the liberation, the Party and people’s health care policy is expressly provides that: “to carry out a variety of forms of physical activity … … for those who love and know the masses of martial arts, wrestling … … and so on must be attached to and make improvements to off part of its unscientific, making the working people to carry out a wide range of sports activities in the form of the effective. ” National Sports Commission as the National Chinese Style Wrestling Contest, held annually and provides for individual championships, wrestling took so organized, led, planned development.

1st of 1953 form the National Sports National Assembly on the show and wrestling contests, is unprecedented in history, wrestling contest. Various regions and ethnic wrestlers gathered in Tianjin, a test of battle, discuss techniques, share experiences, improve the technical level, to promote national unity.

Ranking by the General Assembly this competition is the “national form of sport wrestling provisional rules”, the provisions of game players to wear a solid red jacket back, a belt, wearing light trousers and cloth boots – prominent national form. Competition in the 1-meter square on the table. Players are divided into five levels according to their weight. Of three per game, 3 minutes per game. Fall tumble to see the outcome, best of three games, so that the other three points for a victory. Competition can only fall, not allowed to hit, kick pedal, not allowed to use the head, elbow, knee contradict each other, not low use of force Le twisted neck joint or other dangerous action.

Thanks to a more robust rules of good game scenes are common. Heavyweights such as Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Zhang Kuiyuan Sengge game on the most intense, thrilling. Zhang Kuiyuan Tianjin dock workers, and tall, marriage mature technology, often in Tianjin, Beijing, wrestling games “to help market”, is a courageous and wrestle prestigious forum veteran. Sengge young, strong, and brave and courageous fighter, small practice Mongolian wrestling, is riding on the grassland wrestling Xiao Qiang, the winner of several Festival is the wrestling match. They fall cautious the first game, although both sides launched attacks several times, but were not effective. The beginning of the second game, Sengge jumps, with both hands firmly, pull the first one, then thrust forward, while the right leg into the crotch of the other opponents left leg and right rear hook, resorted to the trick of Mongolian wrestling – “was co-Le” and prompt action strong, successful, the other broke his back. Start the third game, veteran Zhang Kuiyuan refused to yield, chance to fight back, and finally come up with special skill – “pick the hook,” one leg to provoke the Sengge high as eager to win, too much force, I saw two a weight of two hundred kilos of athletes, “Bu Tong” soon to jump to the platform, whom the audience was shocked, but they are safe, and easily took the stage to continue the game, immediately won thunderous applause from the audience. After this fall to be invalid, Zhang Kuiyuan then attack had not, and finally lost. Match, the audience sometimes hold your breath, and sometimes applause. Cheers come and go, and the scene is extremely lively, reflecting the unique wrestling tension, breathtaking, spectacular features.

Finally, in order to adapt to the development of wrestling in 1955 at the Central Sports Institute (now Beijing Institute of Physical Education) set up special courses wrestling, professional wrestling training personnel, the majority of graduating students has served as the province, municipalities and autonomous regions, and the National Team fell to plastic and judo coaches. At the same time started wrestling’s scientific research. 1956 National Sports Commission issued a Chinese-style wrestling athlete grade standards. Held in Beijing in 1956, the national wrestling competition, held in China for the first time wrestling single game, with 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the 96 team athletes. In the competition of the General Assembly adopted the first batch of 10 Chinese-style wrestling athletes: Song Baosheng, Wang Deying, the Talmud, Mengguang Bin, Ma Qingzong, justice of wood, Yang Ziming, MN that wood, Sengge, Zhang Kuiyuan.

In 1957, the publication of “Chinese-style wrestling rules,” rules of the venue is 10 meters square, straw, weight is divided into eight levels. Although the game is still of three, but each set limit on the number wrestle wrestling, fell a 1 point score of three multi-winner. This completely changed the wrestling tactics. Even if the front lost a few players wrestle, turn the tables back still have a chance, and gave up two players wrestle to lose lose the concerns of the audience, prompting them to dare to attack, give full play technology. These measures encouraged to actively exercise the majority of wrestling fans, and constantly improve the technological level, to quickly promote wrestling in our country. Many parts of the field of private wrestle increasing number of factories and mines has also been wrestling team.

As advocated by the ACFTU, workers at all levels of wrestling events under the leadership of trade unions, have flourished together. Many garment factories, mines and the acquisition of wrestling, wrestling teams composed of regular training. Workers have been held all over the wrestling match, such as the engine of the SF Board primary race in separate ways on the basis of the national railway system at a wrestling match. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia was held in 1957 in the “Inner city and employees Eleventh Conference wrestling”, the workers wrestling events to a climax.

1st National Games, 19 units of 128 Chinese athletes to participate in a wrestling match. Physical Fitness is good, solid basic skills, personal trick is accurate, changeable. Most of the national game has undergone training, and has participated in some provinces and cities between the Tournament, experienced, technically innovative. For example, the Liberation Army (the first in the National Competition) Athletes He Runzong based on the original “guess” and “hides the flower pocket” and created “Phi.” Many athletes use this technique later, and with the changes. Coaches and athletes from around the spirit of the rule is also based on exchange of skills and experience, through in-depth research, are taking effect in the region used in traditional Chinese-style wrestling to wrestling. After systematic training, not only the technology has improved, and the technical characteristics of each team is more distinct and prominent. For example, Beijing, Tianjin, good practices and small movements athletes to clever to win. Inner Athlete legs flexible, powerful, often “fake kick really screwed,” “may co-le” and other techniques defeated opponent. Players like to cuddle and fell in Xinjiang, a large mullahs “net” (hold up the other side a few times and then fell to brandish) a must. Shandong, Liaoning, Henan Players solid, basic good. Shanxi team crotch elusive, hard to detect. Games in this session, the technology to accurately changing direction.

1st National Games, due to three years of natural disasters, few people wrestling practice, and technology fall short Chinese-style wrestling at a low ebb. Gradually recovered after 1963, the amateur sports school with wrestling classes, and organized various forms of competition. 2nd National Games, scoring criteria to the situation of the other bodies were lying on the ground was sentenced to 1 or 2 points, prompting players to use big movements. To encourage players to actively attack, rapid points, make the game more intense, tension, and prevent technical level there are significant differences between injuries, limited game that they scored 10 points to end the game the difference was sentenced to absolute victory.

During the ten years of turmoil, all kinds of wrestling. The game was stopped, and some places even prohibit people from practicing wrestling. Did not resume until the national competition in 1974. 3rd National Games 1975 wrestling contest on the units and not more than athletes, technology has not developed.

Down with “Gang of Four”, the wrestling community through the restoration of order, and gradually resume normal activities. Private wrestle wrestling team field and the factories and mines progressive rehabilitation activities, people who practice the addition of Chinese-style wrestling together. 1982 and 1986, the 2nd and 3rd session of the National Minority Games Wrestling regarded as the main event. 4th National Games, the wrestling competition is divided into ten levels. Fall range of motion in the other tumble and fell to the ground according to the situation can get 1 point, 2 points or 3 points. System of the athletes have been training, technical level is generally increased. Technical and tactical speed toward a positive direction, generation of novice growing. Tenacious player such as Inner Mongolia Dong Yachen brave, energetic, agile, coherent, Shan Yuzhua on the use of continuous attack, not to give you breathing space, his game invincible, reputed wrestle the altar.

China International Wrestling (Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling) and judo since the Chinese-style wrestling with the interaction between promote each other. Chinese-style wrestling and judo absorb some of the international wrestling tactics and training methods of teaching. For example, the Greco-Roman wrestling over chest wrestling, freestyle wrestling hold legs, back and other judo techniques grip sleeves and matching exercises and other training methods. Absorbed in the rules of international wrestling and limit the absolute victory of the spirit of the negative, foreign, enriched the arsenal of Chinese-style wrestling techniques, and promote the development of Chinese-style wrestling and improve.

6th National Games in 1986 using the revised rules to the game from scoring standard clothing must fully reflect the characteristics of Chinese-style wrestling – a fall, a stand, do not pay attention to not drop off, to encourage athletes to cleanly technology. Standard scoring rules are based on the principles of Chinese and foreign ancient wrestling score – falls to the situation and the other parts of the body floor to determine how many points. For example, had sub-standard is to vacate the other side broke into the body (both feet off the ground a process) after the trunk (shoulders, back, buttocks, chest, abdomen, hips), or head touch the ground, while he remained standing. Vacated if the body does not make the other side, only the other side of the torso fell to the ground, their natural standing does not fall; or vacated the body fall to the other side, the ground and his torso is not firm, hold hands in each other’s body, only 2 points. The other side broke into four limbs, or to each other after the fall, and he fell to the ground with only 1 point. In order to promote competition more intense fall, more interesting, to shorten the time per game for the two Councils, each game is still 3 minutes, but requires players active attack, passive defense does not allow for a long time, if not attack for 30 seconds, necessary warning time, 1 point for each sentence. 3 warnings will be eligible to cancel the match. Players wrestling clothing for the country red and sky blue and white, the edge of a wrestling clothing patterns. Color to beautiful, generous, coordination, and national characteristics. These provisions not only ethnic Chinese form of wrestling, characteristics, and will further promote Chinese-style wrestling skills improved and extensively.

Chinese-style wrestling is a national form of sport, its long history, exercise value, both in urban and rural areas very popular. We believe that with the vigorous development of China’s socialist cause, wrestling will also have a greater leap forward, the national sport is bound to serve the people better.


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